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Each project holds both challenges and opportunities.

By developing with individual focus on key performance aspects, in line with the project requirements, we lead our clients to the best possible result.

Reliability and highest quality at convincing prices, a personal service at the customer's site upon request. Whether you're looking for a one-off design or low-cost series production parts - Duss realizes projects in various industries. Competence and versatility, with an eye for the big picture even beyond the end of your nose - this is how we find the right solution for you!

Parametric design and fatigue analysis as tools for effective design


Parametric design

Products often come in different sizes and variations. Parametric design makes it affordable to create different configurations of a design. Should the requirements or specifications of a project ever change, corrections are implemented effectively via parameter control.


Fatigue analysis

Fatigue analysis is used to identify critical points early in the development process. Duss optimizes parts in terms of their stability under extreme loads by analyzing the design using FEM calculations. The result helps to reduce the amount of material used, thus lowering the cost and weight of the parts without compromising the structural integrity.

Benefits from working with Duss:

A comprehensive approach

We always consider and evaluate different approaches in order to determine the best practices for the realization of your project. Feasibility studies and prototypes may be part of the development cycle, as well as pricing clarification and production planning with suppliers.

Well advised

Duss supports you throughout the entire development process - from the idea to the product ready for series production. We actively advise you and show you the possibilities of the latest manufacturing techniques and modern product development.

Design decisions

Your requirements determine the focus of the project - accordingly, important success factors such as the economic efficiency of the products, their sustainability as well as design and usability are brought into focus during implementation.

Quality and precision - Best prices

We investigate manufacturing processes and materials for different quantities at the best conditions. If necessary, we draw on our own network of proven partners.

Data protection & discretion

We protect sensitive customer data and value confidential relationships with our clients.

Strong partners

We support and value good relationships with customers, partners and suppliers. Cooperation with industry leading experts contributes to the success of our customers and thus the success of Duss Evolution.